YOU Have Been Given A Talent (Thought-Provoking Thursday)

by SomeGirl on May 4, 2011 · 37 comments

While my husband, boys and I were hanging out at our church building yesterday, I heard something that surprised me… my oldest, who has never had a lesson, was playing a lovely tune on the piano (lovely for a first time player). Then my husband started playing a wonderful rhythm on the drums. My youngest was a little dejected that he had nothing to play, so I strapped my camera around his neck and set him free to shoot. His photos took me by surprise. And, after contemplating the talent each one of them had been given and praying for God to use their talent to His glory, I knew EXACTLY what to share for today’s thought-provoking Thursday. From the photos my littlest one snapped (with only minimal lighting adjustments in post processing). ♥

You may not realize this, but YOU have been given a talent. You have been given the ability to do something well… VERY well.

You might have a way with organization, or lots of energy to complete tasks. You may be able to line things up in really straight lines and bring lots of order to all that you do.

You may love to clean or even arrange chairs at a church.


You may have great ease when it comes to studying, or the ability to pass along what you’ve learned in a way many can understand.

You may have such boldness and courage to share the Word of God with all that you meet, or a deep love of prayer that enables you to spend hours at a time praying for those around you (or far away).

You may be really good at seeing things from a different view point, or able to get down low to see what others might have missed.

You may have a real knack for making people feel welcome, opening your home to outsiders, having fun, or simply smiling.

You may already know your talent or you may be JUST discovering it…

Either way, YOU have been given a talent!

What will you do with that talent to bring Glory to GOD?


He gave it to you for that very reason, you know? :)

Something cool to think (and pray) about.

photo credit: my littlest one… unknowingly using his newly-found talent to bring glory to God. :)




Thanks for this! So encouraging! I get so frustrated sometimes because I feel like everyone around me has some sort of talent except me! Ugh


Glad to have encouraged you!! So………. I’m dying to know what YOU think your talent is?? :) I could list lots of them for you, but what would you say?

Alicia P

Well I smile alot. Don’t know if thats a talent or not, but ive been praying that the Lord opens my eyes to whatever it is. I’ve just never been one of those people that could just pick something up and be naturally good at it.
I would say you defenitly have many wonderful talents you use for the Lord!


Thank you, Alicia! I know a lot of people who have a hard time smiling, so I’m going to call it a talent… and it’s definitely a gift!! (from one talented smiler to another) :)


It is definitely a gift! It is a gift God gave you and a gift you offer to those around you. It’s nice to see you here visiting one of my favorite blogging buddies, Alicia! :-)

Twinkle Mom @ Sunflower Faith

WOW..timely and wonderful (and convicting post); Thank you for sharing these words of encouragement, it’s so easy (*raising hand about being guilty feeling that way at times*) of feeling like being just one small drop in a huge ocean and not making a difference and feeling frustrated….
Then to read this and remember..oh wow…that’s right…love this!


Praise God! Glad you stopped by today! xoxo

Jodi Stewart

Love this! I’m always telling people that I wish I had a talent. I guess I do, but they’re not the obvious ones that jump out at you, like musical ability or a medical degree. Going to spend some time praying on this, it would be a shame to have a talent that I’m not developing and using to glorify God. Thanks!!


LOVE the way you put that… it would be a shame to have a talent that I’m not developing and using to glorify God. Praying God opens your eyes to see the talent He’s given you. I can tell motivating people with your words is one of them! LOVED your post! :)

Deb Chitwood

What special photos – your son is talented! Definitely a thought-provoking post. I think my main talents are encouraging others, doing research and developing curriculum (which I do all the time for, and writing. No wonder I felt called to blog! I just hope I help others with my blogging. If I can, that’s a great way for me to bring Glory to God.


You DEFINITELY use your talents to bring Glory to God! You have been SUCH an encourager to me over the past year. Thank you for using your talents to help and encourage all of us! ♥

Betsy at Zen Mama

You have a special talent for bringing all types of people together. I really appreciate that. My children have always played amazing instruments and I’m so amazed when it all comes together. I know how you feel!!


Aw, thanks, Betsy! xoxo


I agree, Betsy. This is one of the things that Michelle is SO good at. And she makes each person feel welcome and precious in God’s eyes. Thank you Michelle for your loving heart!


You guys are so sweet! Thank you, Patti! ♥


Yes, we all have talents….it takes the ones we ‘consider big’ and ‘small’ to work together for his glory!!! Thank you for this sweet post!


“… working together for his glory!!!” I love that! May it be so!


What a wonderful post! I love the photos from your son’s perspectives – what a cool idea! Thanks so much for sharing :)


Thank you, Aurie! So glad you linked up!

Jamie (@va_grown)

Goes along with the idea of not wasting your talent by pursuing what everyone else is doing or what just seems cool to you at the moment. Also a great reminder that God gave you your gifts for HIS reason, and wants you to use them for HIS kingdom, not just yourself or your family.


So true! I’ve found myself wishing I was like other people the past day or two and had to remind myself that God has created me to be ME, not someone else; and them to be THEM. I hadn’t thought about how I’d be wasting my talent pursuing their talent… what a great thought! Thank you!


So when God speaks, he speaks because this is what a vlogged about today! God has something he wants to say to the world! love this! =)


Don’t you just LOVE it when that happens??!! Going over to check out your vlog right now! :)

Cranberry Morning

SO true. The very reason we exist is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever!
Thank you for this good post!


Amen to that! (which reminds me that I have to get that children’s catechism out to do it with my boys… the chief end of man… thanks, Judy!) :)

Faith Hope Cherrytea

beautiful share! thanks for the invite :))


Thanks for sharing those LOVELY May calendars!

Annie @ Annie's Heart

I love this post!! It was so encouraging! I found this meme a little late….I added my post but I will definitely join in next week too!


Thank you, Annie! So glad you linked up! I look forward to getting to know you! :)


Okay, my favorite is definitely the bible. It gave me goosebumps. I love his perspective. And I love the message of that photo… God is present no matter where we are, even when we feel small and just like lying down on the floor. This was a wonderful post with wonderful photos… thanks Michelle!


And he was so cute and serious about that shot! He did lie down on the floor and creep closer and closer to get just the right shot… must have been led by God to spread that message (that I hadn’t even seen until you mentioned it). Isn’t it neat how God works like that?!

Thanks for your encouraging comments/replies… you are definitely a VERY talented encourager!! ♥


Did I tell you how much I liked this post? I keep thinking about it. I linked to you in my post today:) Blessings


Aw, thank you! Blessings to you, too. ♥

Kristen @ JoyfullyThriving

Well written. It’s so true but so easy to overlook our own talents. Thanks for the wonderful encouragement!


I know, right?! May God open our eyes to see how He’s gifted us. Thank you, Kristen!


This is a sore subject with me as I’m so frustrated not knowing what my talent is. Not knowing if I can bring glory to God in anything I do.


Sara, you are so good at being open and honest with your words on your blog. David wrote much like you do in the Psalms. He was honest and real with his frustrations, questions and disappointments. And look at the glory that is given to God through that! May you know you are loved beyond measure and that God is at work in your life, being glorified through your weaknesses, just as He was through David. May you rest in His loving arms and let Him comfort you. You are LOVED beyond measure and gifted in more ways than you know!

Sending lots of love and prayers your way! Love you! {{{HUGS}}}

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