You What???

by SomeGirl on January 29, 2010

I realized I had a problem that needed solving yesterday when one of my girlfriends tweeted… twittered… whatever… asked  me who I had fraddled, and I couldn’t write anything back because, “I fraddled my ________” just didn’t sound right, no matter who I filled in the blank. So, I thought about it through the evening and finally realized it’s like the word run… you go for a run (n). You run around (v). You are running (v). And you run with people or for a cause (v). So… when I talk about fraddling and a person I love, I’m fraddling with or for that person… so then I can answer the question with dignity… Who did you fraddle with or for yesterday? or How did you fraddle? I showed fraddle to myself by working out and I fraddled with my boys by playing a balloon game. I fraddled for my family by doing laundry (ugh).  I fraddled with my husband by watching Fringe… phew, I’m glad to have a solution to that problem! And now I’m off to fraddle with my boys by watching Super Why (pbskids).  How will you fraddle today?

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