You… Yes, YOU!

by SomeGirl on December 1, 2010 · 18 comments

You are loved MUCH more than you think you are!

You are cared for MUCH more than you could ever know!

link up your thought provoking posts below…


Betsy at Zen Mama

Looking forward to the Thought Provoking Thursday, as usual!


Oh, Betsy! You make me smile! :)

Deb Chitwood @ Living Montessori Now

So true – and how often we need to be reminded!


So often!


Hey Michelle, just dropping by to let you know I was thinking about you and hoping that everything is going well! Still praying too….


Hi Leah!! Everything is going well, just busy. I covet your prayers and can’t wait to sit down and visit with everyone more soon. I think I’ll schedule a day when I can just surf around! (today I’m sneaking in a few minutes in between classes that I’m substituting in) :) Thank you SO much for praying!! Love ya!


Thank you, Michelle. You are always sending out great reminders to everyone else. I hope they lift you up just as much.


Thanks, J! I’ll tell you what really lifts me up is when I pray asking God what He would have me write about and the thought just pops into my head… I LOVE that! Knowing God might use this place to encourage and lift up others REALLY lifts me up! (And hearing back from you guys also lifts me up! Thank you!!)

Alicia The Snowflake

May we never forget the love that led the Son of God to become a baby. Great post my friend!


May we never forget! Thanks, Alicia!

Alicia The Snowflake

Hey friend, I tried to link up, but it’s not showing for some reason. I didn’t know if I should resubmit. Love ya girl!


That’s weird. I’m not sure what happened… I’d say resubmit it. :) Love ya, too!


Hello, friend! Thank you for this reminder! So sorry I have not been around much. Busy season for me right now. Glad to see you are well!


Hi, Natalie! Don’t worry… I can TOTALLY relate! It’s great to see you! One of these days both of our lives will slow down some, right? :)


Great thought!

I did it…got mine up and posted and linked up! Hooray… :)

Let’s get together soon…


LOVED your post! Thanks for linking it up! Let’s *do* get together soon! :)


Needed this… I have a tendency to put myself down a lot.



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