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by Guest blogger on September 18, 2010 · 11 comments

“I don’t even have chickens,” the mom who was new to our homeschool group told me as we toured another family’s farm.  It was a beautiful late summer day and we were in the middle of a field surrounded by laughing children petting and milking a goat.

The family we were visiting believes very strongly in homesteading.  They raise and sell goats, milk cows, chickens and rabbits.  Hospitality is second nature to them. I’ve enjoyed getting to know this family over the last few years.  I felt sure the mother would not want this mom to feel inferior.  So I quickly reassured her that I didn’t either.

But I knew how she felt.

As a working mother to an only child, I have struggled with feelings of inferiority around other moms.  When my son was six weeks old, I went back to work and worked full-time until he was five years old.  Since that time I have worked part-time for my in-law’s family business.

I’ve come to realize that I will never be Martha Stewart or Paula Deen.  My house is decorated in piles of paper and cat fur.  Home baked goods consist of prepackaged cookies that only need to be separated and placed in the oven.

But that’s ok.

I’ve also come to realize that my home and my family don’t have to look like anyone else’s.  Each one of us is different. We each have a different path to walk and a different road to take.

Jeremiah 29:11 is quoted so frequently that most of us could probably recite it in our sleep.  “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” But we often focus on the last part of the verse and forget the first.  The LORD says I know the plans I have for YOU.  This doesn’t mean the plans he has for your neighbor or your best friend or even your mother.  They’re the plans he has for you and they are as unique as you are.

Currently I am reading a wonderful book by Elizabeth Sherrill titled, All the Way to Heaven.  In one section, she was contemplating the difference between do I “love myself” or “give myself up”.  Her conclusion was beautiful and so applicable to us and moms and wives.  She said, “’Giving up myself,’ I believe today, means giving up my notion of what my role should be and accepting-with joy-the one for which I was created.

God doesn’t intend for this job of motherhood to be filled with confusion and guilt. He has given each of us our individual families for a reason.  No one else can mother your children the way you can.  No one else can be the wife that your husband’s needs you to be.  You were each created uniquely for the plan God had for you.

When I was working full-time I believed that I was doing what God wanted me to do. I didn’t understand it then. But if I had not done so, I would not have gained the experience I needed for the job I have now. This job has given me the opportunity to work a limited part-time schedule which has in-turn given me the freedom to homeschool my son.

We can’t always see the fullness of God’s plan. We don’t always understand it. But the important thing is that we look to Him to show us that plan; not our neighbor’s plan, but OUR plan. And because of this we can’t judge our family or our home by someone else’s standard. We have to do what makes sense for us.

So I encourage you today my friend, whatever your plan, to walk it out in the grace and confidence that God has given you. Don’t worry that your house might not be perfectly clean. Don’t fret that you didn’t get to the bottom of that never ending pile of laundry. Don’t feel guilty because your house isn’t as beautiful as your neighbor’s house or that you don’t raise your own chickens.

Just remember that those plans God has for you are plans to prosper you.  You have the never ending pile of laundry because you are blessed with a loving family.  Your house doesn’t look like Martha Stewart’s because little (and big) feet keep tromping through it.

Instead of fretting about those things, enjoy them.  Enjoy the moment.  Enjoy God’s plans for you.  Enjoy His blessings.  Enjoy the role He created just for you.

Just keepin’ it real,

Alicia The Snowflake


Alicia is married to her best friend and together they homeschool their 12 year old son. She also works part-time for her family business & is extremely involved in her homeschool group. All of this leaves her more than a little flaky (her words, not mine). So join her, as she shares life, from one snowflake to another at Confessions of a Snowflake.


Thank you, Alicia! That’s something I really needed to hear!! ♥ Michelle



Wow, thank you this encouraging post, Alicia! This is something that most (if not all) of us struggle with as moms. I love how you used Scripture to remind us of God’s unique plan for each of us. Thank you!

Alicia The Snowflake

Thanks Natalie! And thank you, Michelle, for allowing me to guest post. It’s been a real pleasure to get to know you through the blog world. I can’t wait to make you an IRL friend next month!


Beautiful, encouraging post. It’s the truth. :)


This is an awesome post. And my life verse is Jeremiah 29 since I got fibro. I always have to remember it isn’t the plan I have all figured out and I finally got that when I got sick. The great thing is that I am finding the plan he has is so much better than the plan I had before I gave it up!!! Thanks Alicia and thanks Michelle for having her. Isn’t she wonderful? :)


Beautiful post, Alicia! It really easy so easy to compare ourselves to others and feel like we don’t measure up. (I’m guilty!)

Thanks for the reminder that it’s God’s plan and not ours that’s important.



This is exactly what I needed to hear, and so beautifully written. Thank you.!

I’ve been coming to this realization slowly this week regarding my own blog writing. It’s not other mothers I worry about, but other bloggers, and I’ve let myself be influenced in directions that feel forced sometimes. I’m much happier when I listen to the inspiration from above and follow my heart… and I think the posts come out better that way too. Imagine that.

Thanks for the reminder that we are all on our own paths, with our own directions and ways to get there.


Thank you so much for sharing your heart! I try to encourage other mothers in the same way that there is a time for everything and each of us go through different times and seasons. As long as you are doing what God has called you to do.. :)


Beautiful post. I love the tone of acceptance of others, of different lifestyles and decisions.
When I was four and began preschool, my mom got her first full time job…she had my sister after this (so I got the SAHM and my sis had the working mother)…and she strongly recommends staying at home with the young children.


Thank you for this post. After a bad week, and another busy week coming, this is definitely what I needed to hear. I’m following you from MBC.



Thank you for the comforting post. It is sometimes difficult for me to not worry what others think since I currently work at home with my little guy and I am the furthest from Martha Stewart. And other times I just don’t care ;) because I know that I am a great mom and that the sacrifices I am making are just the right thing to do right now, even if I can’t get to everything.

Thank you!


Hey Alicia, thanks for this post. I needed to read it today!!! I struggle with that all the time and need to remember to speak truth to myself! I am only sorry that since I still have not remembered to sign up for JCHE, I missed the field trip! I get so mad at me! haha!

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